Aida Awad "Images in Forms" 
You know you've been wanting this ... images in a Google form. Let me show you how. SLAM!

Juan DeLuca "Visualize your Drive"
Visualize your Drive statistics with Spanning Stats for Drive. View which types of documents you are using the most, their size, and the times you create them.

James Lui "BYOD Anywhere Access with AccessNow"
Connect to Windows applications and desktops from any device, including Chromebooks.

Molly Schroeder "You Drive Me Crazy"
Learn two new tricks in Google Drive that will rock your world.

Jim Sill "Bloggerizing my Earth Balloons"
You know how Google Earth balloons need you to know some nasty HTML? Well, I going to show you the easiest way to make those balloons awesome without knowing a bit of HT..M..whatever!

Lisa Highfill "Triple Play for Wordies in Docs"
Taking care to get your words right!

Dan Gottlieb "Get Schoologized with Google Docs"
Schoology’s integration with Google Docs solves the nightmare of submitting assignments without requiring student names in the title, fosters one-on-one remediation between teachers and students, and streamlines the grading process into a time-saving, simple, intuitive solution. SLAM!

Nicole Dalesio "WebCamToy and Screenshots on a Chromebook"
Take a screenshot on a Chromebook and upload it to a Picasa Web Album

Hapara "Teacher dashboard for Google Apps"
Better way to manage your Google classroom: see Teacher Dashboard in action.

Mark Wagner "Productivity for Anyone with Popchrom and Pastey"
Create keyboard shortcuts for lengthy text you type often. Use a multi-item clipboard buffer. Be more productive in all areas of your work - from any computer! Only two free Chrome extensions needed. SLAM.

Andrew Gardner "BrainPOP and Google, two great tastes that taste great together"
Did you know BrainPOP integrates with Google Apps providing sso and automatic quiz score collection into a spreadsheet? For institutions with gafe and BrainPOP subscription this integration adds value to both services and the easy installation is a no brainer!

Kevin Brookhouser "Google Earth as Zooming Presentation"
Make the world your presentation! Use Google Earth Image Overlays to place slides in key locations around the world for amazing Prezi-style zooming presentations.

Jeff Utecht "Going Canary with Chrome"
Learn how to use the latest and greatest release of Chrome.  SLAM.

Allen Angell "Annotating a Google Doc in Haiku LMS"
Students can turn in a Google doc through the Haiku LMS homework dropbox. See how easy it is to grade them and hand them back... virtually.

John Hermansen "Mobilize Your Assignments with Google Docs and Edmodo"
Assign homework and projects while on the go with Edmodo and Google Docs. This session will explain how to organize a class field trip scavenger hunt by uploading photos to Google Docs and attaching them to assignments in Edmodo.

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